Climate Change, Ethics, & Water - A Panel Discussion
Tune in as the Center for Humans and Nature, Ecomyths, and the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum bring science, policy, and ethics to a timely panel discussion reflecting on the Paris Climate Conference (COP21). With Brooke Hecht, Curt Meine, Kathleen Dean Moore, Adele S. Simmons, Joel Brammeier and moderated by Chicago Public Radio Worldview's Jerome McDonnell. 


A Conversation on an American Water Ethic
Reflect on a public water ethic that uplifts H2O out of an ethical blind spot and into national water policy and management. (16 min.)
with Jeremy Schmidt and Curt Meine


The Importance of a Water Ethic
Contemplate the many compelling reasons why a water ethic is essential for helping us do the right thing by each other, by the generations that follow us, and by the whole community of life. (13 min.)
with Jane Elder, Cynthia Barnett, Dorene Day, Jeremy Schmidt, Rick Kyte, Christiana Peppard, and Josephine Mandamin


An Ethic of Compassionate Retreat
Reconsider the current ethical narrative underlying much of modern water management and re-imagine a water ethic by drawing on both our moral and scientific heritage. 
with Jeremy Schmidt and Peter G. Brown


Principles of Water Ethics

Examine how questions of conservation, sanitation, and public health come together with questions of justice, equity and rights for humans and non-human others.
with Bruce Jennings, Kathryn Kintzele, and Paul Heltne


Collaborative Conservation: Leopold's Land Citizenship in Coal Creek

Reflect on how a land ethic can inspire a water ethic for a Tennessee community struggling to save their local watershed from coal mining.
with Samuel Snyder


Conveners of Responsibilities
Explore the web of responsibilities we have toward the waters that sustain rice and provide shelter for sturgeon, via a story of the Anishinaabe indigenous people.
with Kyle Powys Whyte


Ecological Design as Performance of an Urban Nature

Examine the theatrical potential of aqueous architecture for creating healthy and vibrant urban watersheds. 
with Michael Menser


Democracy Itself is the Solution to the Climate Crisis

Contemplate the interconnections among the climate crisis, our vulnerable democratic system, and the importance of protecting Earth's watersheds.
with Maud Barlowe



Down Clear Creek
Experience a story of canoeing on a small local river and how unexpected restrictions can shift your perspective of the wild.
with David Taylor 


The Return of Detroit River's Charismatic Megafauna

Be inspired by the remarkable ecological recovery of one of the most polluted rivers in North America.
with John H. Hartig


Wildlife in Chicago & Fracking in Illinois: Ecological and Human Connections

Consider the web of ecological, political, and social connections that are unearthed, as fossil fuel extraction also harvests the Earth's water supply.
with Michael Bryson

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