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Making democracy sustainable by moving from the natinal scale to the metropolitan scale.

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Minding Nature Article
Minding Nature Article
Minding Nature Article

Consider the rational, self-sufficient, self-interested, extractive, and possessive creature who has


Explore new models of governance aimed at generating a more livable and equitable future.

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Minding Nature Article
Inspiration & Background:

The United Kingdom's Brexit referendum results and the United States’ heated 2016 presidential election reflect the waning of public confidence in democracy around the world. Citizens are struggling with concepts of national identity and expressing greater discontent with the credibility of governmental leaders. Increasingly, voters are dismissing the status quo and seeking new forms of governance. Our current socio-economic order along with our ideas of relationship are under scrutiny. These early signs of political metamorphosis provide an opportunity to reimagine our roles as democratic ecological citizens. (Dive deeper into the subject with our Senior Scholar Bruce Jenning's book Ecological Governance: Toward a New Social Contract with the Earth.)

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