Fostering a Water Ethic ›

As changing climate conditions alter Earth's weather patterns, freshwater challenges facing communities across the country – and the world – are intensifying. These challenges require us to look more intently at the effects of our current personal, political, and ecosystem management decisions on the health of hydrological cycles and to look towards an ethical vision of our relationships with the whole community of life. (photo credit: Carol Freeman

A Moral Call to Earth Care › 

In response to Pope Francis' June 18th encyclical letter, Laudato Si', the Center for Humans and Nature has assembled a diverse set of reflections on caring for the Earth and each other. Seemingly divergent perspectives and peoples are coming to the same conclusion: that it is wrong to wreck the world and that we have responsibilities to each other and the whole community of life.

Ecomyth: Americans Don't Care About the Environment ›

The Center for Humans and Nature has teamed up with 
EcoMyths Alliance to explore the myth: Americans don't care about the environment. Here we share ideas from the Center's community, illustrating that this is a myth and not a reality! There are many paths that lead to steadfast and respectful relationships with each other and with the rest of the natural world.