Kinship Book Series Events

Kinship Book ClubKinship Book Club

Hosted by Point Reyes Books

In partnership with our wonderful friends at Point Reyes Books, we invite you to join us once a month to connect with kindred spirits and to discuss our five-volume book series, Kinship: Belonging in a World of Relations. The book series editors will moderate with many of the contributors participating in the live conversation and Q&A.

Each month we will focus on one volume of the Kinship series:
Vol. 1: Planet—Wednesday, December 8
Vol. 2: Place—Wednesday, January 12
Vol. 3: Partners—Wednesday, February 9
Vol. 4: Persons—Wednesday, March 9
Vol. 5: Practice—Wednesday, April 13

Register here for Kinship Book Club, Vol. 2: Place

Watch the first Kinship Book Club, Vol. 1: Planet here.


Kinship Series LaunchKinship Series Launch featuring co-editors Robin Wall Kimmerer, Gavin Van Horn, and John Hausdoerffer

Hosted by Point Reyes Books


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