How far should we go to bring back lost species?

How far should we go to bring back lost species?

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How far should we go to bring back lost species?

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The sixth great extinction is upon us. According to the UN Environmental Programme’s Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, up to 150 species go extinct each day. This is a startling loss of biodiversity, on a scale not witnessed in 66 million years of geologic history. If we can revive an extinct species, should we? With this series we invite you to consider our moral responsibility, as the drivers of the sixth extinction. In promoting and protecting biodiversity, where would you draw the line? How far should we go?

We are pleased to partner with The Hastings Center on this series and the special report, "Recreating the Wild: De-extinction, Technology, and the Ethics of Conservation."

Image Credit: Hannah Boreham. Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger), extinct 1936.

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