Frog Pond Philosophy Panel Discussion @ The Land Institute's 2018 Prairie Festival
Salina, Kansas • September 28-30, 2018

This year's Prairie Festival hosted by The Land Institute will feature a panel discussion exploring the new book Frog Pond Philosophy by the late philosopher and founder of Center for Humans and Nature, Strachan Donnelley. Donnelly’s essays promote the idea that humans have a moral and civic responsibility to natural ecosystems and raise questions like, what if “nature alive” were taken as our “bottom line”?

The discussion will be led by Donnelley’s daughter, Ceara Donnelley, co-editor of the book, and Brooke Hecht, his mentee and the president of the Center for Humans and Nature. TLI’s Director of Ecosphere Studies, Aubrey Streit Krug, will serve as moderator.

Ceara Donnelley Ceara Donnelley
Vice Chair- Center for Humans and Nature
Brooke Hecht Brooke Hecht
President- Center for Humans and Nature

About the Prairie Festival

The first Prairie Festival took place in 1979 on Sam and Terry Evans’ farm near Salina, Kansas, with David Brower as the featured speaker. Since then, The Land Institute's signature annual public event has drawn thousands of attendees from around the world.

The Prairie Festival offers a unique opportunity to interact with some of the world’s most compelling authors, thinkers, artists, and advocates focused on agriculture, food, the environment, science, sustainability, and social and environmental justice.

Held over the last full weekend of September along the banks of the Smoky Hill River on The Land Institute’s home campus outside Salina, Kansas, the festival revolves around “low tech” presentations by notable guests in The Land Institute’s Big Barn.

The Institute's science staff provides tours and an in-depth update on our plant breeding and ecology work and partnerships. There’s food and music, the Hedge Fire Circle, and always a few surprises. Join us for what the New York Times calls an “intellectual hootenanny” and what has become a remarkable can’t-miss event on the prairie.

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