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Fostering a Water Ethic

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Reflect on a public water ethic that uplifts H2O out of an ethical blind spot and into national water policy and management.

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Minding Nature Article

An Ethic of Compassionate Retreat

We need a fundamental shift in perspective within water management. To attain such a goal, we must


Re-imagine a water ethic by drawing on both our moral and scientific heritage.

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Minding Nature Article

Principles of Water Ethics

The significance of water for life and health is fundamental and can scarcely be overstated, and


Examine how questions of conservation, sanitation, and public health are linked to questions of justice, equity and rights for humans and non-human others.

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Inspiration & Background:

Tune in as the Center for Humans and Nature, Ecomyths, and the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum bring science, water policy, and ethics to a panel discussion reflecting on the Paris Climate Conference (COP21). This conversation inspired the Center's most recent focus on fostering a water ethic. With Brooke Hecht, Curt Meine, Kathleen Dean Moore, Adele S. Simmons, Joel Brammeier and moderated by Chicago Public Radio Worldview's Jerome McDonnell.


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