Fostering a Water Ethic ›

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As changing climate conditions alter Earth's weather patterns, freshwater challenges facing communities across the country – and the world – are intensifying. These challenges require us to look more intently at the effects of our current personal, political, and ecosystem management decisions on the health of hydrological cycles and to foster an ethical vision for the whole community of life.

A Moral Call to Earth Care ›

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In response to Pope Francis's 2015 encyclical letter, Laudato si', the Center for Humans and Nature has assembled a diverse set of reflections on caring for the Earth and each other. Seemingly divergent perspectives and peoples are coming to the same conclusion: it is wrong to wreck the world and we have responsibilities to each other and the whole community of life.

Language, Nature, and Love ›

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The Parisian I Love You wall is a collection of "I love you's" written in more than 250 languages with the goal of creating a place for reflecting on both love and peace. Here we are reminded that our words and phrases can conjure up feelings that bring us closer together rather than push us further apart.

Connecting Identity, Place, and Nature ›

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Our identities are so intricately intertwined with our surroundings that the subtle yet powerful influences of place, which mold us, often go unrecognized. And place not only shapes us, we shape place. Our understandings of these intimate feedback loops are paramount to healthy relationships with the whole community of life.

Reimagining Democracy and Citizenship ›

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In response to the political polarization within democratic governments worldwide, the Center for Humans and Nature has assembled a diverse set of reflections on governance, for the people and by the people. Democracy, citizenship, economics, and the land are all themes essential to this larger conversation.