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Register for Questions for a Sustainable Future: Asking questions, inspiring change. Think here.

October 9, 2012, Kaufman Theater, American Museum of Natural History, New York

A resilient economy.  A renewed democratic culture.  A flourishing network of healthy communities.  Can we create the future we seek by changing our relationship with nature? Explore the possibilities at Questions for a Sustainable Future, a fascinating afternoon of dialogue tackling big questions that challenge humanity today – and could change our future.

Hosted by the Center for Humans and Nature and the American Museum of Natural History, this free event features diverse perspectives from some of the brightest thinkers of our time on humanity’s relationship with the world.

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Event Agenda:

2:00 pm    Introduction to the program by the Center for Humans and Nature and the American Museum of Natural History.

2:15 pm    What does it mean to be human?

Speaker: David Sloan Wilson, SUNY Distinguished Professor, Departments of Biology and Anthropology, Binghamton University.

2:35 pm    To build or not to build a road…..How do we honor the landscape?

Speaker: Nina-Marie Lister, Associate Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University, Toronto; and Visiting Associate Professor, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University.

Speaker: Ingrid Leman Stefanovic, Professor of Philosophy, University of Toronto.

3:15 pm    Panel discussion with questions from the audience. Moderated by Eleanor Sterling, American Museum of Natural History.

4:00 pm    Stretch break.

4:15 pm    How do you envision a successful economy without continuous economic growth?

Speaker: Richard Howarth, Pat and John Rosenwald Professor, Dartmouth College and Editor-in-Chief, Ecological Economics.

Speaker: Peter Victor, Professor in Environmental Studies, York University.

5:00 pm    Panel discussion with questions from the audience.  Moderated by Brooke Hecht, Center for Humans and Nature.

5:45 pm    Program ends.

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