Biosphere Ethics Initiative

Biosphere Ethics Initiative

Building a Movement for the Future of All Life

The Biosphere Ethics Initiative bears witness to existing ethical action as practiced by individuals, communities, organizations and governments, with the aim of building a movement of global solidarity for the future of all life.

The Biosphere Ethics Initiative originated in 2004 from IUCN Resolution 3.020, Drafting a Code of Ethics for Biodiversity Conservation, presented and adopted at the 3rd IUCN World Conservation Congress. The Resolution, drafted by members of the IUCN Comité français, appointed the task of developing the program to the Ethics Specialist Group of the IUCN Commission on Environmental Law. Alongside the Commission on Environmental Law, the Center for Humans and Nature, an IUCN member organization, has been leading the Biosphere Ethics Initiative since its inception, in collaboration with over 60 cross-disciplinary, government and non-government, partner organizations.

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Read the Evolving Biosphere Ethic here

Download the PDF version of the Evolving Biosphere Ethic in English, SpanishFrench, Arabic or Portuguese.

Now also translated into Turkish courtesy of our collegues, Ataberk Bozkurt, İlayda Mert, Funda Kelahmetoğlu, and Ufuk Özdağ at Hacettepe University's Land Ethic Center.


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