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About Us

We’re a group of engaged and curious thinkers who understand that ideas matter.

The Center for Humans and Nature partners with some of the brightest minds to explore humans and nature relationships. We bring together philosophers, biologists, ecologists, lawyers, artists, political scientists, anthropologists, poets and economists, among others, to think creatively about how people can make better decisions — in relationship with each other and the rest of nature.

The Center for Humans and Nature connects people with ideas through big Questions, ongoing Projects, our journal Minding Nature, our Blog, and special events. With the Center’s network of Senior ScholarsContributors, and Fellows, we’re working to foster a culture that puts ethical thinking at the core of decision-making. 

Across the world, people are striving for fairer and resilient economies, truly democratic cultures, and healthy, thriving communities.  The Center offers ideas on how transforming humanity’s relationship with nature can inform our responses to these interconnected challenges.

You can help by weighing in with your thoughts and contributing to our growing community of thinkers focused on creating a better world for people and for all of nature.

Read the Center's Manifesto to learn more about what we believe.  

Our Avatar

descriptionOur Avatar represents an important piece of the Center’s story.  This grouse 'head shot' is taken from a print of a wood engraving by the contemporary artist Ansell Bray.  The engraving was inspired by a 19th century Makah grouse rattle. 

Connected to the land that is now Washington State, the Makah would have used this rattle during secular tribal ceremonies.

The Center’s founder, Strachan Donnelley, loved the rattle, the engraving by Bray (a friend of the Donnelley family), the print, and the many interconnected meanings they encompassed.  Together, they express the complex interfusion of humans and nature, cultural understandings, social practices—both past and present—including artists, their natural subjects, and their mediums. 

Our Avatar is a manifestation of these meanings, as well as a symbol of Strachan’s vision for the Center for Humans and Nature.

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