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City Creatures: Animal Encounters in Chicago’s Urban Wilderness

City Creatures: Animal Encounters in Chicago’s Urban Wilderness

Attune yourself to animal presences in the city and beyond, and join us as we actively rethink the value of human-animal relationships.

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Green Fire

Green Fire

Connect with Aldo Leopold’s land ethic through the Green Fire film, additional videos, and journal articles.

We invite you to connect with ideas from a growing community of thinkers and join the dialogue:

  • Reflect on thought-provoking Questions that challenge assumptions about nature and humanity’s place within it.
  • Examine Projects that apply ethical thinking to some of today’s most pressing issues – from planning for infrastructure to developing a truly sustainable economy.
  • Review Minding Nature, a tri-annual digital journal offering in-depth articles exploring conservation values and the practice of democratic ecological citizenship.
  • Check out our Blog. An extension of our City Creatures project, this blog explores how cities can be remarkable places that offer opportunities for connection, and transformation, with other species and with one another.
  • Add your voice to the conversation by weighing in with fellow thinkers on our Questions, nominating a Senior Scholar or Question, or responding to our Blog.

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